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Patrick Neil is a composer for film, television, and theatre, who created the score for 'Nae Pasaran'; the Creative Scotland documentary and Winner of Best Feature Film at the BAFTA Scotland Awards 2018. Other feature film credits include the 2020 Lionsgate distributed ‘A Christmas Gift from Bob’, ‘The Legend of Longwood’ and ‘Kepler’s Dream’. For television, Patrick Neil composed the music for King Bert Productions’ drama series ‘The Moonstone’ for BBC One.


Short film credits include 'Angels of Our Past', nominated for Best UK Short at the East End Film Festival, and 'Little Monsters', appearing at the London International Short Film Festival, British Horror Film Festival and Lichtspielklub Short Film Festival.


Patrick Neil was the musical director for Kenneth Branagh’s 2015-16 season of plays at the Garrick Theatre, and previous composition for theatre includes William Boyd's sell-out run of 'Longing' at the Hampstead Theatre, ‘United Queendom’ performed inside Kensington Palace with acclaimed immersive theatre company Les Enfants Terribles, and multiple productions with the Prague Shakespeare Company.


Patrick Neil composed the music for the audiobook 'Harry Potter: A History of Magic', produced by Pottermore.

Film Composition


Kepler's Dream

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From Juliet Bell's book of the same name, this family film adaptation follows the story of 11-year-old Ella, whose mother is being treated for cancer, so she is sent to live with her estranged grandmother (Holland Taylor) on her ranch in New Mexico. As well as the New Mexico inspired score, Patrick Neil wrote the music and lyrics for the end titles song "Next Stop, The Stars".


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Haunted by a figure from his past, an aging criminal risks everything to protect a young man from the head of his organisation. This 10 minute short, directed by Harry Law and produced by Fred Bonham-Carter, is scored throughout using electric guitars, synthesizers and electronic percussion.

The Legend of Longwood

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This Irish Film Board feature, starring Miriam Margolyes, follows the story of a 12-year-old New York girl who moves to a quaint village in Ireland, but soon discovers an ancient mysterious tale that haunts the town. The Celtic inspired symphonic music was recorded by the Hungarian Studio Orchestra and features the principal flautist of the London Symphony Orchestra, Gareth Davies.

Nae Pasaran

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In the 1970s, Rolls-Royce factory workers in Scotland refused to carry out vital repairs to the jet engines used by General Pinochet, and ultimately saved thousands of Chilean lives through their actions. The music is heavily influenced by the film’s story, landscape and brave individuals, combining the folk tradition and instrumentation of both Chile and Scotland, along with an emotional symphonic approach.

A Christmas Gift from Bob

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From the director of A Dolphin Tale and A Dog's Way Home comes the sequel film to A Street Cat Named Bob. Based on the true story of James and his now infamous cat Bob, we are told the heartwarming tale of two best friends getting each other through one very difficult Christmas period. The score is filled with all the Christmas magic that one can wish for from such a feel good film.

Angels of Our Past

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A tragic coming of age story about what it means to live with the choices you’ve made; whether good or bad. Premiered at the East End Film Festival, this haunting thriller short is score with brooding lower strings and unsettling synths. It's music was featured on the 2018 CD release of 'Best of Original Short Motion Picture Scores' alongside composers such as Joe Kraemer and Angelo Badalamenti.

Little Monsters

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Katie is scared of monsters, but her father (Dexter Fletcher) is also plagued by nightmares. The score for this short horror comedy is inspired by the recognisable musical language 'Stranger Things' and John Carpenter's 'Halloween'. Featured and picking up awards at the British Horror Film Festival, Lichtspielklub Short Film Festival, London International Short Film Festival and TweetFest 2019.


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Award-winning short film shot on 35mm and set during the first world war. A soldier calls at the home of a recently fallen comrade, and when he departs the family are left with nothing but loss. By the use of piano and strings, the music for this beautifully shot film captures the sombre nature of the late-Romantic composers whilst inhabiting the familiar musical world of period drama.

The Power of Light

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Premiering at a special exhibition during the global lighting design 'Darc Room' conference, this short was commissioned by the lighting brand Phos to commemorate their rebrand. For the film, artists from all around the world were called upon to communicate their perceptions of light: emotive and practical, natural and engineered. Doyle's music inhabits the sound world of new wave and trance.


Television and Advert Composition

The Moonstone

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'The Moonstone' sees the charismatic adventurer Franklin Blake on the most important quest of his life – to solve the disappearance of the priceless Moonstone and win back his one true love. This BBC One mini-series features an orchestral score using piano and string ensemble, with elements of the Indian Classical tradition used for the Indian diamond and its guardians.

Head of Medusa (Hlava Medúzy)

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From acclaimed director Filip Renč comes this nail biting crime drama first aired on Czech TV in January 2021, with combined musical influences of both modern gritty detective programmes and 1960's classic cop shows. Starring a host of famous Czech stars, Head of Medusa boasted some of Czech TV's highest ratings when first broadcast. Patrick Neil wrote both the theme music and score for the entire 8 part series.

Madefire - Magic Leap Launch

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To commemorate the launch of Madefire's Spatial Motion Books on on the augmented reality platform Magic Leap, Patrick Neil was brought on to write the modern beat driven music for their online advertising campaign. Madefire is a San Fransisco based reader app company that specialises in original and franchise comic books. The tracks are electronic focussed with dubstep and trap influences.

The Applause

This touching animated film was released to remind audiences of the magic of theatre and encourage people to donate and support local venues amid the Covid-19 pandemic. Produced by Thomas Coles and Zoe Rainey, the music for this short film is fully orchestral in scope but with moments of small ensemble tenderness to capture that breadth of emotion one can feel in a theatrical performance.


Patrick Neil has also composed the music for several adverts, including 6 short films for the French Tourism Office advertising the Lot-et-Garonne region of France. Online adverts include and promo videos for a personal training website.


Theatre Composition

Prague Shakespeare Company

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Since 2017, Patrick Neil has scored for several plays with the critically acclaimed Prague Shakespeare Company; including productions of An Iliad, Troilus & Cressida, The Trojan Women, Measure for Measure, Masaryk in America and Othello. Each show has included a variety of live and pre-recorded music.

Glasvegas - The Original 1977 Musical

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Patrick Neil revived and composed four additional songs for this 1977 musical. Set in 1950s Glasgow, this doo-wop rock'n'roll musical tracks the lives of the handsome Mick McMolicate and his gang of doting followers. Their master plan is to act like gangsters, overcome authority, put together a rock band and live a life of fame and fortune.

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Written by bestselling author William Boyd, 'Longing' adapts two of Anton Chekhov's short stories; 'A Visit to Friends' and 'My Life'. Patrick Neil composed the music for its original sell-out run at the Hampstead Theatre, starring Tamsin Greig, Iain Glen and John Sessions. The play's 19th Century Russian setting provided the inspiration for the score's Tchaikovsky inspired Waltzes and Polkas.

United Queendom

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A brand new immersive show from award-winning theatre company Les Enfants Terribles and Historic Royal Palaces, and the first ever theatrical performance of its kind staged at Kensington Palace. Patrick Neil's score, encompassing every room on the route, included Late Baroque inspired soundscapes, Hamilton-esque musical set pieces and trap/drill remixes of the music of George Frideric Handel.

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Dial A for Agatha

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A theatrical parody of the age-old British murder mystery. When host Lord Winston Halifax is murdered in his own home, guests and servants alike are put under Inspector Mandrake's scrupulous magnifying glass. Premiering at the in February 2020 at New York Theatre Festival, the music for this production conjures up the jazz filled pastiche of Hercule Poirot and the roaring 1920's.



Harry Potter - A History of Magic

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Produced by Pottermore, this audiobook reveals some of the hidden stories behind real-world magic that helped shape the world of Harry Potter. Narrators include Natalie Dormer, Steven Fry and J.K. Rowling herself. The subjects of study at Hogwarts make up the individual chapters, and Patrick Neil's quintessentially Potter inspired score contains brand new musical themes to accompany topics such as Herbology, Divination, Astronomy and Care of Magical Creatures.



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